What problem we solve

B2B marketing and sales teams have an abundance of data but very few insights and intelligence to act on.

infoAnalytica with the help of its proprietary technology coupled with human intelligence gives you the relevant insights and sales intelligence that drives new customer acquisitions and revenue streams.

Our team of data researchers, data scientists, business analysts, and marketers work collectively to align your marketing and sales efforts.

Trusted by Fortune 500 & world's fastest growing companies.

3 Locations

Team of over 250 people

10+ years in business

How infoAnalytica is helping B2B companies grow

SDR efficiency using technology & human intelligence
reduction in cost per lead
increase in lead conversion rate
increase in revenue

Certifications, Awards & Associations

#319 | on 2018 INC. 5000


infoAnalytica is led by a group of professionals whose years of expertise and
commitment has helped the company to deliver unparalleled customer success.